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Friday, 9 November 2012

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

When it comes to my makeup routine I have been a one foundation only kinda girl for a long time, staying faithful to my beloved MAC studio sculpt, with the exception of Dr Jart's BB cream on occasion. For a good year or so Studio Sculpt has been enough, however my needs have changed so with a heavy heart and a slice of my bank balance I decided to bite the bullet and leave my fuller coverage studio sculpt behind in favour of a lighter, more grown up (if that's even possible) foundation in the form of Chanels Vitalumiere Aqua.
Although hesitant due to its water based contents,the minute the MUA applied this to my skin, I knew it was the one, it was the perfect shade, with a lightweight feel and smooth finish. Put next to Studio Sculpt this foundation comes up trumps lasting most of the day without the need for powder. Like all Chanel items, the packaging is cute, yet practical with its CC embossed lid, compact enough to take on the go and although 30ml like most foundations it feels light in comparison. The small nozzle also makes it easy to dispense  the foundation, without having an oops moment and emptying the whole bottle (OK that's a slight exaggeration but you catch my drift!).
Ive had Chanel Vitalumiere in my mitts for merely a week so I cannot fully judge this beauty, but expect a catch up review uber soon!! The only downfall I have already noticed is the £32 price tag, but for such a fab foundation that's also aesthetically pleasing, I think I can see past this little blip!!
Have you tried Vitalumiere Aqua?? What are your thoughts??

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  1. I can't wait to hear more of your thoughts! I've had my eye on this foundation for a very long time... may have to finally get it! :)

    1. Il be sure to let you know :)..first thoughts id say to definitely get it, but being such an expensive foundation its alot of money to end up not liking something!! :) xx

  2. when i went to check the foundation, i saw the price and nearly fainted haha, so i asked the woman for a tester( i wanted to buy it, but because of the price i asked for a tester so i could try it out and see if i like it) and she gave me plenty, i had enough for a whole week, and i actually really liked it, i'm definitely planning on buying it. :)

    i'm looking forward to hearing more about if you like it better the more you use it.

    what kind of skin type do you have ?


    1. ahaha..Il be sure to let you know.. I have combination to oily skin hun!! xx