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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Bichester Village Haul

So on friday the boyfriend and I embarked on a 5 hour road trip to London town (posts to follow). To soften the utter boredom (theres only so much I can take of the same 10 songs being played on repeat ha) I cheekily suggested a detour to the very much hyped about Bichester Village for a bit of retail therapy!!

A gorgeous village set in the heart of the beautiful Oxfordshire Countryside, Bichester truly is a shopaholics paradise (although not the case for the bank balance), home to the likes of Mulberry, UGG, All saints and most importantly the cosmetic company outlet. Although I purchased a fair few bargains I will be honest and suggest that one really needs money and time to make the most of the visit, as although many of the brands are discounted, most are still fairly expensive (boo). 
So what did i pick up??

Of course my main objective for stopping by Bichester Village was to study the shelves of Juicy Couture and The Cosmetic Company Outlet. After walking away from Juicy Couture with a ridiculously cute bag, within it two pairs of earrings (at a bargain price I may add), the next stop was to peruse the aisles of the CCO. 

The boyfriend actually spotted this Michael Kors and Estee Lauder Collaboration, and I will admit to letting out a little squeal at the site of a gold compact containing 6 shadows and a blush, a lipstick, lipgloss, double wear eyeliner, brushes, and the piece de resistance a gorgeous Michael Kors embossed Cosmetic Case, all for the grand total of £38. Yep you read that right £38. In all honesty Im shocked at the fact these are still available in the CCO as I would have thought they would have been snapped up within the click of a finger, but I cannot complain as this set of utter beauty is now mine (Que evil laugh).  
Of all the makeup collections released, the one I have kicked myself for not purchasing an item from was MAC Venomous Villains. This collection was released at a time when I was too scared to stand at a beauty counter for the fear of being pestered (oh how times have changed). So when I saw this gorgeous eyeshadow and lipgloss, I let out yet another squeal of excitement. Recently I have been embracing  the more vampy/ wintry colours and wrongspell and vainglorious fulfilled my needs (aswell as being Disney related, have I mentioned I love Disney?) 
I snapped these both up for around £8/ £9 each  

Finally, on the way back from London, as a pit stop, and another excuse to shop, we visited the Designer Outlet in Swindon, which I will add was a total disappointment, however I did pick up Golden Lariat from the Wonder Woman collection, aswell as Sinister and a different groove,from the Villains and Liberty London Collections, aswell as a few Ojon goodies for my mum, all for the grand total of £40 which wasn't to bad, for what the items would have originally cost!! 

Have you been to Bichester Village or the Swindon Designer Outlet??
if so did you pick up any bargains?? 

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  1. Great haul! I have the Disney Villains items too. I really love the eyeshadow, such a gorge shade :)

    1. thanks lovely, isint it just??the Disney Villains items are beautiful and perfect for winter ;).. thanks for your comment lovely xx