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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fashion meets comfort

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Skyscraper pump 2 

Like most, my love for fashion developed at a young age when I would proudly stand in front of my mums full length mirror in her faviourite red heels, adorned with pearl necklaces, with a face covered in hideous dress up makeup from my beloved fisher price dressing table. To be honest excluding the makeup not much has changed since those days, and dressing up in my faviourite glad rags has become a faviourite past time. However one thing that has slipped over time has been my desire to wear high heels. Long gone are the days where I would roll in at 3am after a night dancing away in my faviourite DP Mary janes, instead these days my heels get replaced after an hour or so in favor of a comfy pair of flats. 
However ladies things are about to change, thanks to the well overdue addition to my collection. Meet my Vivienne Westwood and Melissa Black Skyscraper heels. When I think of Westwood I imagine her crazy ass heels that have sent models such as Naomi Campbell flying across the runway. These however are a simple, stylish and wearable pair of black heels. 
All Melissa shoes are made from plastic, think old school jelly shoes meets fabulous modern day fashion, creating something unique yet quirky that incorporates the styles of both designers. With a cushioned instep these beauties are function-able yet fashionable. Want to know the best bit of all?? the shoes smell like bubblegum, mmmmm bliss!!
The only downfall is the £130 price tag, but with years of fabulous nights out on the horizon, we can forget about that not so little negative, right??
Are you a heel lover, or would you rather opt for flats?

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  1. I have had my eye on these beauties for ges now! Love them xxx

    1. there definitely worth it, I totally share your love xx

  2. Simple and beautiful. Loving these shoes:)
    Sara xx