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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Life in Instagram #2.. London Edition

 early wake up // gingerbread latte // result of Bichester Village
pretty bag // Peruvian yummyness at Ceviche
 A magical sight // Chanel pop up shop // tree in Covent Garden
Covent Market // my dream home // Royal Albert Hall
 Macaroons // in all there delicious glory // followed by another cheeky Laduree pit stop
Mickey at Harrods // Louboutins //  the red sole

A cheeky visit to Victoria's secret // Ceaser Salad // lots of shopping 
a lego high heel // the perfect breakfast non?? // the result of the CCO

Designer Pudsey's in all their glory 
Hey lovelies, 
So if you read my previous post or follow me on Instagram then you'll know that last weekend The boyfriend and I embarked on the mother of all road trips (5 hours to be precise) to London, the reason for the trip?? to nerd out at the Distant Worlds Concert (FYO its music to do with a game called final fantasy, the boyfriends choice of entertainment I must add but it wasn't all that bad ha). Of Course we stopped at Bichester Village to take the boredom off the driving a little (post of my haul here), aswell as several coffee stops. One of my favourite things to do whilst in London is to dine out in new restaurants, don't get me wrong I love Nandos and TGI Fridays  but sometimes its good to have something a little different. So the first stop after a 40 minute  tube ride was to Ceviche. I travelled to Peru for my 18th a few years back, as my dad used to work out there, eating our way through the tapas sized menu seriously brought back memories through my taste buds. Seriously guys its definitely worth a visit if your in the Covent garden area, and the prices are pretty reasonable. A rather indulgent pit stop from endless shopping happened on Saturday morning when we sat down for macaroons and Vanilla tea at Harrods after wandering through the shop floor full of decadent delights (one day I will buy something there, perhaps when I win the lottery), and admiring the fabulous Disney themed window displays, on a side note I would seriously pick a diamanté pair of Louboutins over a glass slipper any day, wouldn't you? After two days of endless walking and shopping we still managed to fit in a little detour to the Swindon Designer Outlet, although perhaps a little disappointing it was totally worth it for the CCO purchases!!
What have you been up to this week??

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