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Monday, 19 November 2012

Gift ideas for him

Gift ideas for him

I dont know about you lovely lot, but I always find it quite a task to conger up original Christmas ideas for the men in my life. I sound like a floozy saying that, but of course I mean for the boyfriend, brother, granddad etc ha. I often feel like presents 'for him' are often unimaginative, ie socks, boxers, deodorant. They may not put a full face of makeup on, or spend all morning in the mirrors like ourselves (this fully excludes my brother, I have never known a man to primp themselves as much as him), but even the men in your lives whether it be husband, granddad or brother  sometimes like a little luxury too. So here's my pick of gift ideas 'for him'. 

Box Of Twinkies- what man wouldn't love a box full of american yumminess. 
Comic Wallet- Lets face it most men are nerds at heart, with the likes of DC and Marvel being all the rage, hopefully this little gift will make you their hero *que the tumbleweed*. 
Topman Geek tee- So the female version of this tee has been doing the blogging rounds lately, and with good reason. This version is just as nice in my honest opinion, a perfect choice for the fashion forward guy. 
Call of Duty Black Ops 2- Need I say more, whether 15 or 50 most men have some form of console in their lives (I swear they never grow up ha).. so why not treat them to the latest craze, and be prepared to be ignored (or on the other hand keep them quiet) for hours
Ipad Mini- Okay this is a slightly extravagant purchase, but after living with a dad whos obsessed with electronics for the past 21 years aswell as a brother and boyfriend whom have to have the latest gadget/widget, I know this would go down a storm with most. 
Chanel Deodorant- I know I mentioned deodorant at the start of the post, but I think this one is a perfect example of a little male luxury. My mum tends to purchase this for my brother most Christmas/birthdays, being the pamper obsessed (I will not lie ive known him to use my face masks ha) this present never gets old, and its something he enjoys that he would not necessarily splash the cash on, for himself. 

What gifts will you be purchasing 'him' this Christmas?? 

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  1. I wouldn't mind the ipad mini for myself! The chanel bleu fragrances are lovely, my fave men's fragrance! x

    1. aha I wouldn't say no either ;).. it smells amazing doesn't it!! is it weird I have a thing for men's fragrances? ;) xx