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Friday, 14 December 2012

Ciate Advent Christmas Countdown.. Days 6-13

6. Angel Wings... 7. Cutie Pie... 8. Vintage... 9. Mistress... 10. Ladylike Luxe... 11. Bumble Bee... 12. Twilight... 13. Glass Slipper
Hello lovelies, I hope your all well, and feeling festive! After consuming one to many glasses of homemade mulled wine, and eating one to many portions of Christmas Dinner with friends I am well and truly wrapped up in the spirit of Christmas. I seriously cannot believe that its a mere 11 days till Christmas, and a sad 10 days left of the Ciate Advent Calender. Being the nail addict that I am I have thoroughly enjoyed opening a brightly coloured door each morning to be greeted with miniature glass bottles, filled with fabulous shades, adorning a little black bow. So although I will be ex tactic to see Christmas morning arrive, I will also be sad to open the last door of my advent (I think theres a gap in the market, and a yearly calender should be released ha). 
So behind the doors of days 6-12 theres been yet another bottle full of beautiful Caviar beads, aptly named Bumble Bee due to the mix of yellow and black shades. A shimmery silver and a gorgeous gold. An unexpected new faviourite to my collection in the form of Vintage, a creamy dark grey with a somewhat green tint to it. Two classic shades Cutie Pie a creamy baby pink, and Mistress a creamy bright red.Twilight a stunning black with gold flecks that run throughout, and last but not least one of my faviourite shades so far a beautiful bright blue glitter polish 'glass slipper', a limited edition exclusive to the advent. 

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