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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Primark Spring/Summer 2013

Primark top picks

So with Christmas festivities well and truly in full swing, its hard to look past cosy knits, Oxblood red skinny's and skirts/dresses adorned in gold sequins. But with press pictures emerging left right and center, with sneak peeks of  up and coming spring/summer fashion, Its hard not to get a teenzy bit excited about the prospect of summer brights, lots of patterns and of course my faviourite thing about spring/summer, new sandals. 
Lets face it we all have a secret love affair with Primark.The perfect shop to indulge in the latest season must haves without having to splash the cash on the catwalk versions. Although lets face it we've all been in to Primark and seen ladies with bags full of what can only be described as pure tat. Anyway above are my top picks from Primark's Spring Summer Collection.   
In terms of clothing only one or two pieces take my fancy as much of the styles are quite grungy or out of my comfort zone. As for the accessories on the other hand, get me to Primark asap.

Ive been admiring Satchels for a while, but with the nicest ones selling at £100 a pop, I cant commit to something that may just be for myself a fad. However I am loving Primarni's Alternative, bright pink? check, studs? check, whats not to love. Along with the clutch I cant help but take a fancy to the neon bracelet and box clutch (in all honesty im a sucker for pink). 
The rose gold watch looks rather lovely but at £5 im rather dubious as to how long it will last, or if its possible to pick one up that works at all. 

What do you think of Primark's Spring/Summer Collection? What do you think is it drab or fab? 

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  1. Love everything esp the Neon Satchel:)
    Sara xx

  2. LOVE all of this! I'm with you... a bit skeptical on the rose watch but hey, it might be worth a shot!

    Love your blog and can't wait to follow along!

    It's an Easy Life

    1. I think for a fiver it might be worth the chance :).. aww thank you so much, that means alot xx