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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

British Soap Awards- the best and the worst dressed....

Hello lovelies i hope your all having a lovely evening, how many of you are watching the soap awards?? i had to just to see all the outfits, what does every one think?? this is my choice of the best and the worst!!

warning very picture heavy haha...
Best dressed!!

Some of the critics didnt like sacha parkinsons dress but i like the clash between the pink and the blue and, i love stephanie davis and i just love her dress

I absolutely love this, its so elegant 

And the worst!!!

I at first liked this but now im unsure, its to promy?? if thats even a word ;)

It might just be me but i find these outfits slightly old fashioned??

I really dont know what Jennifer Metcalfe was thinking it could have almost been a nice jumpsuit

I think jessica forrests dress would have looked good without the socks and the same with Sophie Powles and the tights, actually looking back now i kind of like it haha

So what does everyone else think

Thanks for reading my rambles
Soph x

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE. 3rd dress down is amazing :) *Swooooon*!

  2. OH BLESS! Some of the worst dressed REALLY are terrible! lol. Love the blog! :)

  3. i seriously love the last dress before the worst dressed list <3 and the white one above it <3

    and i actually like the last two worst outfits

  4. love the last dress! is so beauty! xoxo