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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Student Loan = A small haul

hello lovelies, hope your having a lovely Thursday :) im just taking a small break (cough*few hours) from doing my uni work, and decided to do a wee post on my recent purchases. As it was the boyfriends birthday a few days ago, and my student loan was through i thought it was the perfect opportunity for a haul ;).

im still waiting for a few MAC items in the post which sadly were not in store, and i am desperately awaiting my laurensway tan, so look out for a blog on that soon.

Anyway enough of the rambles and onto the buys (apologies, slightly picture heavy)

So heres my beauty buys, firstly i decided to get veets hair minimizing as i know im not the only one who would love to shave less often, i also got john friedas three day straight, as a girl with naturally very curly hair i thought this was ideal, however i still have not tried it yet, i also got my first MAC lippy (i know i know im very behind) but il do a proper post on that when my other goodies arrive :)

I finally got my makeup bag from Cath Kidston, however i was slightly disappointed as i ordered the wash bag by mistake meaning that it is huge, however my boyfriend pointed out the plus side, being i have alot of makeup to fill it with haha.

on to the clothes, recently i haven't been that fussed by clothes and have been more willing to part the cash with my makeup instead. however i was in Tesco and came across these great buys.

i got the tops at a bargain of two for £8 and then i came across this lovely scarf for a fiver so i had to get it. Its not my usual choice of shop but Tesco seem to have some lovely things at the moment.

I am also a sucker for all things Hollister so i also picked this up on my travels

Wow and breathe haha 
Thanks for reading my Rambles

Soph x

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  1. that Hollister top is really cute! Perfect for summer. Can't wait for your post on Laurens fake tan. I really think I want it already! xx

  2. haha im a bit cynical because me and fake tan dont tend to go together so fingers crossed, everyone seems to swear by it :).

    thanks for the comments lovelies xx

  3. i saw that hair minimizing lotion in glamour last week, going to have to be purchased soon i think! and that scarf is so cute! i always look past the clothes in tesco haha definitely having a look next time i'm there :) xx

  4. Oh I just love your blog its like the best one that i have been yet. I love it. Iam so following you.