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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Lippy about MAC

hello lovelies,
hope you all have a fab Wednesday, im currently trying to find the motivation to finish my last uni assignment, and have found blogger much more appealing ;).

Okay so ive kind of got carried away lately with MAC however the girl at the counter was really helpful which made it slightly easier to part with my money.

So i recently picked up Hibiscus from the surf baby collection, viva glam gaga 2, and the infamous creme cup.

And here they are i never usually manage to get shades that suit me, but the girl behind the counter as i said before was so so helpful

here the hibiscus looks quite orange in colour but on my lips its a really nice red, the creme cup is a really nice pink and seems to compliment my skin really well, in fact ive worn it every day since ive got it ,and glam gaga is slightly nude and frosty but i think it will be good for the days when im not wearing much makeup.

and here are the swatches from top to bottom, hibiscus, creme cup and glam gaga 

ive kind of realised i have blogged alot about MAC lately, but dont worry this is one of my fads so next week it will no doubt be something else haha.

Anyone else purchased some lovely lippies lately??

Thanks for reading my rambles 

Soph x

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  1. Hi i wanted to ask you what is your favorite Mac lipstick ? ( not a limited edition one )

    - Nena

  2. hey there my first ever mac lippies so i would probably say the creme cup ( im sure its an on going one) :) thanks for your comment lovely xx

  3. i've been wanting to buy hibiscus and viva glam gaga 2 for a while now just saving up the pennies! they look great though! and that creme cup also looks like a lovely colour, will check it out next time i'm in store :) x

  4. I'm really loving Hibiscus at the minute, and also want to get Creme Cup & Viva Glam Gaga 2. I've recently bought Naked Paris & High Tea and am totally loving them too. I'm such a lipstick freak!! :)

  5. haha i think im turning into a bit of a lipstick freak to, just waiting for the fashion flower lippies to come out :) x
    hibiscus is so worth buying :) x

    Thanks for your comments girlies :) xx

  6. I added hisbiscus to my wishlist a couple of weeks ago but never bought it. It looks so nice!


  7. its so worth getting, i was a bit unsure but its a really nice colour :) xx