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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Walk, Walk, Fashion, Baby, Work it, Move that thing,Crazy....

hello lovelies
hope your all having a chilled and enjoyable Saturday, had a bit of a road trip today to get some books for uni, just one more assignment and uni s over for another year :)

Anyway as you can probably gather my posts about lady gaga. I have always loved her songs and I love how shes a feisty passionate, and headstrong woman, with often somewhat questionable but at the same time amazing outfits. even though I have questioned some things (for example her meat outfit, cant say I was impressed).The reason I have dedicated my post to her is down to watching her on Graham Norton last night, she almost portrayed a sense of innocence and kind heartedness which I haven't previously seen from her before, thanking a fan for the beautiful barbie sized outfits she had recreated for her.

On Graham Norton's show last night...

I think sometimes I should take a leap in her book, being confident and not caring about what others think. What does everyone else think about her?? 
So here are some of her crazy outfits,  I don't think a post like this would be right without a few pics of the fashion diva herself.

got to love a bit of muppets fashion!!

her famous red laced outfit

I wish I could pull off crazy outfits, however I think I would just get strange stares haha 
Thanks for reading my rambles!!

Soph x

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  1. WoW...those are seriously crazy outfits, but what can i say, its lady gaga!

    Nice blog!

  2. aww thankyou lovely, i think she's the only person who could pull them off! xx