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Thursday, 19 May 2011

a little elf haul..part 1

hello lovelies,
Dont you just love receiving little parcels, after seeing all the lovely blogs this morning im half tempted to invest in the glossybox, the thought of receiving a little parcel as a surprise each month sounds exciting ;) haha.

Anyway shockingly i have never ordered from E.L.F before (i know totally shocking), but as i have heard both good and bad things about them i thought really carefully about what i ordered. Ive only got half the stuff so far as the minute i had ordered a few other bits and bobs caught my eye ( so expect another blog to follow)

So heres what i received this morning (i feel sorry for Mr postie he's had to deal with a lot of parcels between me and my boyfriend lately)

So my choices were (from left to right) studio blush in tickled pink,  studio eyebrow kit in light and the studio bronzer in warm. 

Apologies for no swatches the colours didn't seem to come out very well, however im stupidly one wandering around with blush on one cheek and bronzer on the other, however i have got the swatches from online.

i really like the blush its a nice doll like pink and the bronzer i think will be great when i have a bit of a tan in the summer.

Im happy with my purchases although im not overly thrilled, but for the price their really nice :)

ive wanted benefits brow zings for a while so the studio kit shall have to do for now, however it does look like a slight dupe to the real thing 

 Thanks for reading my rambles

Soph x 

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  1. I love the studio blushes! xxx

  2. Great post!New follower!I loved that also followed.Kisses!

  3. great post, i've got some e.l.f stuff coming in the next day or so including the studio brow kit- very excited as it's also my first time ordering from them too! looks good so far though! :) thanks for sharing!! xxx

  4. I'm in love with Elf products lol. I really love there brow kit! I use it everyday! Nice blog :) and thanks for the follow girl!