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Friday, 6 May 2011

Going Dotty over Cath Kidston

Heylo lovelies i hope your all having a great Friday, im currently stressing over uni work, luckily i have two more assignments left and my second year of uni is officially over!!

I got very excited yesterday when mister postie delivered me a weee parcel. I dont know about anyone else but i am in love with most of the accessories in Cath Kidston's range, however i have never justified some of the very steep prices for such little items. However i was browsing through ASOS on Monday and came across a lovely spotty laptop bag for £17 so i had to get it.

And here it is :)..the insides all fluffy which is a definite me touch, and i think its a brilliant investment as i spend my whole life lugging my laptop around whether its to Uni or going home, and the previous case was just black and dull. Anyway its student loan time and i also spotted this on ASOS so this may be my next item ;)
Im really fussy over makeup bags and i swap and change them pretty often, i pretty much fell in love with this when i saw it, what do you think?? anyone else got the Cath Kidston bug?? 

Thanks for reading my rambles

Soph x 

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  1. What an adorable laptop case! <3 I am really digging your blog darling, keep it up! :)

    Thanks so much for becoming a follower!

    - Marisa, your Voluptuous Diva.