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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A Peek Into ERICAWEARS Handbag

For most, our handbags are more than just an accessory, although theres no denying they make serious arm candy. Handbags are an extension of who we are, there an object in which we place our prized possessions, or in most cases everything bar the kitchen sink. Rummage through the sea of receipts and loose change (just me?) and you'll find every girls day to day essentials. Continuing with the 'Whats In The Makeup Bag' series (see posts here), iv'e decided to delve into the contents of my favourite bloggers bags and asked them to spill the beans on their handbag must haves.

Today is the turn of yet another beautiful New Yorker, the lovely Erica from EricaWears. If you love all things fashion and lifestyle with a hint of beauty thrown in, then you will love her blog! 

First things first, my bag is from Zara. I got it last year and its held up so well. I try to keep only the essentials in my bag, but well all know how hard it is not to take all of your worldly possessions with you. Anyway, lets get started. I never go anywhere without my keys, iPhone, Wallet (Michael Kors Jet Set Continental), iPad mini and my glasses. I also always have my hand sanitizer (not pictured) Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream for my ridiculously dry lips, deodorant because I always  forget to put it on before leaving home, Soap and Glory Hand Food, my iPod and headphones (not pictured), touch screen gloves and an Umbrella. Last but not least I have my makeup bag which contains mostly lip products, concealer, a fragrance rollerball etc. 
Once in a while other random things end up in my bag, but these are my handbag essentials!
What are your handbag essentials?!

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