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Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Personalised Washbag | Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Im sure im not alone when I say that gift buying for the men in my life is somewhat of a gruelling task. Especially when it comes to conjuring up original ideas!! There's only a certain amount of times that I can gift my dad a pen / dvd / bottle, and the same goes for my ridiculously hard to buy for brother. Personally I find that gift sets for him are often unimaginative and a little thrown together. 

So when I spotted this Michael Kors Washbag hidden amongst a sea of novelty stocking fillers in TkMaxx for the grand total of £12.99 (im a magpie when it comes to that place), I had somewhat of an Eureka moment!! Why not put together a washbag you know he'll love, filled with luxury items. 

Every guy has there own signature scent, so why not fill the washbag with they're favourite fragrance. As the above gift is tailored towards my boyfriend I have filled it full of his much loved faves, including a Hugo Boss Night Eau De Toilette, AfterShave Balm and Rollerball Deodorant (If you read Tim's Hint Of Primping post, you will know his hilarious reasons for loving Hugo Boss). I love how this would also be an ideal gift for my designer obsessed brother (id replace Hugo Boss with a Bleu De Chanel Spray or Paco Rabanne 1 Million) and my near impossible to buy for dad ( I would replace the whole thing with some D&G Eau De Toilette and perhaps a Monogram/ personalised Washbag). 

On a budget?! you could easily fill it with his everyday essentials such as skincare, deodorant, shower gel etc.. I can guarantee that the men in your lives will be thrilled that a little thought has been put into there gift. I hope that you have gained a little inspiration from this post.
 What gifts will you be purchasing 'him' this Christmas?!

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