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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A Peek into Sarah-Jane's Handbag

For most, our handbags are more than just an accessory, although theres no denying they make serious arm candy. Handbags are an extension of who we are, there an object in which we place our prized possessions, or in most cases everything bar the kitchen sink. Rummage through the sea of receipts and loose change (just me?) and you'll find every girls day to day essentials. Continuing with the 'Whats In The Makeup Bag' series (see posts here), iv'e decided to delve into the contents of my favorite bloggers bags and asked them to spill the beans on their handbag must haves. 

Today is the turn of Sarah-Jane my Michael Kors loving, Pug obsessed friend. This is her very first blog post (she seriously needs to set up a blog to share her love of red lipsticks and enviable collection of heels) so please give her some love!!  

1. Michael Kors Saffiano Purse - The most vital accessory in my handbag alongside my phone! I love this purse as it fits all of my cards, receipts and even comes with a handy removable coin purse in a striking bright orange shade.
2. Umbrella - Unfortunately this has become a staple item in my handbag now that Winter is fast approaching! Seriously considering upgrading to a designer brolly...(is that going to far!?) 
3. Ray-Ban Aviators - Im still clutching on to the hope of a glimpse of sun, even though it's now November!

4. Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers - When given one of these by Hint Of Sparkle, I was instantly converted! They apply like a lipgloss but have the strong shade of a lipstick, set off by a gorgeous shine! They stay put for ages too! The shades I have are 'Stellar' (bright pink), 'Big Bang' (a strong, vibrant red) and 'Celestial' (a soft bubblegum pink).
5. H&M Lipstick and Lipcote - Another lipstick in my bag is one from H&M and is one of my favourites as it is an unusual bright orange shade. I was surprised by the smoothness of this lipstick when applied and its long wearability. I also carry Lipcote with me, a beauty classic that when applied over lipstick seals the colour and stops it from bleeding, making it last all day. 
6. Vaseline - A must in every handbag, especially now the cold weather is starting to kick in. Keeps my lips smooth and prevents them from chapping. 

7. Keys - Keys for my house in Uni.
8. Iphone 5 - The most important item in my bag, if I had to choose only one thing to bring with me it would be this!
9. Comb - This doesn't get used much as I usually end up putting my hair in a high ponytail by the end of the day, however you always need one just in case!

10. Glasses - These are more for style over substance, as I only need to wear them occasionally! However, I love the tortoise shell frame that matches my jewellery and watch! 
11. Pens - Pro-markers and fineliner pens (plus many other stationary items) are essentials in my bag, as I need them for Uni!
What are your handbag essentials?!

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